Article No.: 13 40530

Transmission Densitometer
according to ISO 5, ISO 14807, ASTM E1079

For precise determination
of optical densities of X-ray films

KOWODENS TD Transmission Densitometer, tabletop model

For precise determination of optical densities of X-ray films the KOWODENS TD is equipped with innovative digital measuring technique.
The illuminated display enables good readings even in darkened rooms and calibration of the instrument, done with the software, is simple and much more accurate than on conventional densitometers.
There are two ways of operating the measuring sensor – either by pressing it down onto the film or the sensor is laying on the film with slight pressure and is lifted before moving the film to next measuring spot.
Due to the soft tip sensor and rounded edges of the light table even large format films can be measured without scratching these.

Housing: Aluminum, anodized
Table: Lucite (PMMA)
Measuring range: D 0.00 … > 5.50
Resolution: ≤ D 4.00 D 0.001 | >D 4.00 D 0.01
Accuracy: ≤ D 4.00 D 0.01 | >D 4.00 D 0.02
Repeatability: ≤ D 4.00 D 0.005 | >D 4.00 D 0.010
Measuring light source:
Color temperature: 2,800 K
Luminance: ≤ D 4.00 – 40,000 cd/m² | >D 4.00 – 80,000 cd/m²
Aperture size: Ø 2 mm
Communication port: USB 2.0
Power Supply: 100 … 240 V, 50 … 60 Hz
Dimensions unit: 80 x 380 x 190 mm (WxDxH)
Dimensions table: 280 x 320 mm (WxD)
Length measuring arm: 260 mm
Weight unit: 5.80 kg
Weight power supply: 0.15 kg

KOWODENS TD Densitometer
Power supply unit (plug-in)
KOWOSTEP D density step tablet
Test certificate, Certificate of Conformity



Article No.:

13 40530

BAM X001 Density step tablet+
Re-calibration BAM X001+

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