CR Phantom 6×10

Article No.: 11 00218

according to ASTM E2445, ISO 16371-1

Smaller, simpler CR Phantom for Qualification of CR Systems
Process Control and Long-Term-Stability

Test Phantom for Qualification of Image Plate Scanner Systems (CR)

CR Phantom enables to test all relevant parameters of CR Scanner systems and Imaging Plates (IP) like Basic Spatial Resolution, MTF, Contrast Sensitivity, Blooming, Laser Jitter, Scanner Slippage, Shading, Erasure and more. These tests required and described in detail in standards ASTM E2445 and ISO 16371-1 have to be performed periodically for checking process control and long-term-stability.

The KOWOTEST CR Phantoms exceed these standards by including two Duplex Wire Type IQIs and measuring points for Shading in both axes – portrait and landscape. All required information is mapped on the Imaging Plate with a single X-ray exposure. Phantom must not be rotated to generate information of second axis. This results in higher accuracy and significant time savings.

CR Phantom 6×10 is designed for use of smaller Imaging Plates. Even IPs in weld formats down to 10×24 cm can be used to perform all essential tests.
For Linearity check in landscape direction additional tungsten balls in a graduation of 25 mm are available. The Duplex Wire Type IQIs can be removed to use for other applications

IQI, Gauge Test, Check Deviation Difference
A – Target Laser Jitter, MTF, PMT Non-Linearity smaller equal tests feasible
B – Duplex Wire Type IQI Basic Spatial Resolution, Unsharpness optional D13, D15, D17 to be inserted
C – BAM Snail Central Beam Alignment no no
D – Line Pair Gauge Resolution missing test preferably done with Duplex IQI
E – Shading IQI Shading closer equal tests feasible
F – Cassette Position Locator Position of IP missing none-essential
G – Homogeneous Strip Target Scanner Slippage smaller equal tests feasible
H – Lucite Plate Carrier Plate smaller equal tests feasible
I – Linearity IQI – cm-/ inch Spatial Linearity, Distortion cm only equal tests feasible
I – Tungsten Balls, Ø 1.0 mm Spatial Linearity, Distortion additional for IP width less than 15 cm (6 inch)
J – Contrast Sensitivity Gauge Contrast Sensitivity Cu missing none-essential, Cu not penetrated

CR Phantom 6×10 – Type I in wooden case
Duplex Wire Type IQIs not included but required (optional)
Test Certificates acc. to ASTM E2445, ISO 16371-1
Declaration of Conformity acc. to EN ISO/ IEC 17050-1/ -2


CR Phantom 6×10

Article No.:

11 00218

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